Where Spain comes to Rosemary Beach

The concept is borrowed from the incredibly popular tapas and chocolate shops of Madrid and Barcelona as discovered on a recent trip to Spain. Rosemary Beach and Barcelona share a similar climate and strategic location next to the sea for fresh food so we see a tapas and chocolate shop as a natural fit for our hometown. Having lived in Rosemary Beach for five years we have noticed the void of an in-expensive place to linger with friends while dining and enjoying great flavors. We want to provide such a dynamic experience to each visitor so they can’t help but revere Rosemary with the same passionate feelings we have for Barcelona. Dining can be a fun experience that’s casual, tasty, and unique.

  • Monday-Sunday
  • All day from 11am until 10pm -(11pm Fri & Sat) -7 Days a week!
  • No Reservations just come when you're ready and we will get you seated as soon as possible